Rise in demand for digital maturity

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint has released results from its 2021 Digital Leaders in Ireland study. Digital maturity, namely the ability to serve customers through digital channels, has become ever more important due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses across Europe have embraced new ways of working as consumer expectations for effective digital delivery have increased.

Results indicate that over the course of the past 12 months, many companies seized opportunities created by digitalization. However, much more progress can be made, with significant gaps around e-customer relationship management (E-CRM), as digitalization is set to become a key driver in business recovery and growth over the coming year. The BearingPoint 2021 Digital Leaders study scores 390 companies (53 Irish and 337 European) representing various industry sectors on a scale ranging from ‘Failed’ (0) to ‘Outstanding’ (5).  Ireland achieved an overall average score of 2.53 for their digital maturity, the lowest among the seven countries, compared to the Netherlands as the leading country, with an average score of 3.00. 

Seven industry sectors in Ireland were assessed covering banking, telco, insurance, food retail, energy, media and food products. According to the study, the pandemic contributed to the Irish media sector (overall score 2.20) enjoying growth in demand for digital subscriptions and ‘paid content’. While many media companies displayed encouraging signs of progression within their digital marketing and product experiences, the study highlights that improvements in their purchase processes and sales support will better enhance their opportunities to avail of this growing market.

Bank of Ireland achieved the highest rating as a digital leader in Ireland with an average score of 3.55, demonstrating their continued investment in digital experiences. They were followed by AIB (3.45) and Tesco (3.44) among the top three companies in the Irish study.  

Commenting on the findings of the 2021 Digital Leaders in Ireland study, Gillian O’Sullivan, Country Leader for BearingPoint in Ireland said: “The BearingPoint 2021 Digital Leaders study provides a valuable snapshot of the level of digital maturity among particular Irish companies and across multiple industry sectors. The study provides insights on how businesses are tracking on the path to digital transformation, where the gaps and investment opportunities for further progression are and how they benchmark against the leading practices of comparative companies across Europe.

“This year’s findings provide a wake up call for Irish businesses to remind them that they must not become complacent and must continue to progress on the path to digitalization in order to accelerate their recovery and growth, both during and post the pandemic.”   

All industries across the study saw a decline in customer service levels, attributed to pandemic effects. The study highlights how modern E-CRM technology advancements leveraging customer data, artificial intelligence and automation can deliver superior consumer experiences. 

To learn more about who and what the leading Irish companies are doing across the respective digital dimensions, please download the full 2021 Digital Leaders Study here